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Elmore County Elections

Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

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Candidate Campaigning

Any paid political advertisement or electioneering communication appearing in any print media or broadcast on any electronic media must clearly and directly identify the entity responsible for paying for the advertisement or electioneering communication. Such advertisement must give the identification of the person, nonprofit corporation, entity, candidate, principal campaign committee or political action committee that paid for or otherwise authorized such communication.

Although the advertiser is not limited to the exact words “paid advertisement,” the advertisement must make clear its purpose and contain the full address of the person or group paying for it. A full address includes the name, street or post office box, city, and state. If the advertisement violates this requirement, then the candidate, campaign committee, broadcast company, or all three together may be prosecuted.

Any card, pamphlet, circular, poster, or other printed material relating to or concerning any election must contain the identification of the person, candidate, principal campaign committee, or political action committee responsible for the publication, distribution or display of the material.

According to the attorney general, when the election concerns a non-candidate election, there can be anonymous printed material without a violation being imposed. Common areas of public buildings or grounds can be used for press conferences or political advertisements provided access is available to all candidates on an equal basis, subject to reasonable restrictions so as not to interfere with public business.