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Elmore County Elections

Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

List of Elected Officials

Declarations of Candidacy

All candidates for their party’s primary nomination to public office or candidates for election to party office must file a declaration of candidacy no later than 5:00 p.m., 60 days before the date of the primary. However, procedures for filing these declarations differ depending upon the type of office sought by the candidate (see below).

County Offices

Candidates seeking nomination to a county public office or candidates seeking election to a county party office must file their declarations of candidacy with the county party chairman. The county party chairman must then certify the names of all candidates to the probate judge no later than 5:00 p.m., 55 days prior to the date of the primary election.

Other State Offices

Candidates seeking nomination or election to public or party offices other than county offices (including federal, state, circuit and district offices, the state Senate and House of Representatives) must file their declarations of candidacy with the state party chairman. The state party chairman must then certify the names of all primary candidates, except candidates for county offices, to the Secretary of State no later than 5:00 p.m., 55 days before the primary.

Presidential Preference Primaries

In order to qualify as a candidate during a presidential preference primary, a petition or petitions in support of that candidacy must be filed with the state party chairman 90 days prior to the presidential preference primary. These petitions must be signed either by at least 500 qualified electors of the state or by at least 50 qualified electors (on separate petitions) from each congressional district. Within certain limits, the state party chairman may prescribe the form of these petitions. Candidates may be required to pay a filing fee to the chairman, the amount of which is determined by the party.

Whenever the party chairman receives a petition which is timely filed and appears to qualify the name of a candidate for president to be placed on the ballot, the chairman must immediately notify the candidate that the candidate’s name will appear on the ballot of his party. The candidate may withdraw his name from the ballot within 60 days.

Primary elections in which a presidential primary is held are conducted on the second Tuesday of March.