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Elmore County Elections

Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

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Disqualifications from Running for Office

Alabama law provides general restrictions which disqualify persons from becoming public officers:

Moreover, a person may not simultaneously hold an office of profit under the United States and the State of Alabama, nor may a person hold two offices of profit at the same time under this state, except for constables, notaries public and commissioners of deeds.

Eligibility to public office is of a continuing nature. One must be eligible at the commencement of the term and continuously during the term of office. Consequently, the conviction of a public official of a felony is a prerequisite to ouster of that official from office under Alabama law.

Effects of a Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction does not totally deny the right to hold office, forever, as the convicted person may become eligible through a pardon and restoration of their voting rights. A pardon relieves the convicted person from the legal consequences of a specific crime.

Amendment 38 of the Constitution grants to the governor the power to authorize pardons, and allows the Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant pardons in all cases except treason and impeachment, and cases in which a sentence of death is imposed and not commuted. A pardon to relieve one from civil and political disabilities must specifically express the relief in the pardon.