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Elmore County Elections

Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

List of Elected Officials

Job Descriptions / Compensation

Precinct Election Officials

The appointing board shall appoint at least four precinct election officials for each polling place. Their duties and assignments are as follows:

  1. Inspector -- in general charge of the polling place, serves as official challenger of the votes and as returning officer for the precinct.
  2. Registration List Clerk -- checks off names against the list of registered voters.
  3. Poll List Clerk -- ensures that each voter signs the voters’ poll list, records each voter’s name on the clerk’s poll list, and gives ballots to voters.
  4. Ballot Clerk -- Assists the voter in depositing ballots in the precinct ballot counter.


Precinct election officials must:


Alternate Poll Workers

In addition, the appointing board may authorize the appointment of additional poll workers as necessary to serve at any polling place. The appointing board may appoint the number of precinct election officials necessary for each precinct, however, the county commission must approve additional precinct election workers greater than those paid in the November 2004 general elections. In the event of a change in the number of precincts, the appointing board may appoint according to the average number of precinct officials in the November 2004 election. Additional poll workers must meet the same qualifications as the primary poll workers. They must serve in the precincts where they are registered to vote and complete the training prescribed above in order to serve. Additional poll workers shall be paid in the same manner as regular poll workers.

Additional poll workers shall be used to fill vacancies created when regular poll workers either fail to complete the required training or are absent on election day. Unless they are assigned to specific precinct positions before election day, alternate poll workers must report to the courthouse (or other designated location) at the same time that regular poll workers are required to report to the polling places. They shall serve under the direction of the probate judge unless the appointing board designates some other individual to direct poll workers on election day.

Failure to Serve

In general elections, a duly appointed poll worker who fails to attend the election without an excuse may be charged as committing a violation.