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Elmore County Elections

Judge John E. Enslen, Chief Elections Officer

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Approximate number of registered voters in 2017:      54,369     (as of December 12, 2017)

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Voting Precinct Security

The sheriff must maintain a presence at all polling places to preserve good order and to ensure that every elector is able to vote without interference or interruption.

The sheriff or a deputy may specially deputize a sufficient force to act at all polling places on election day.

No person except poll workers, watchers, voters, the judge of probate, the sheriff, and deputies is to be within 30 feet of the door of the building of the polling place on election day.

Electors must not be arrested during their attendance at elections, or while going to an election or returning from an election, except for treason, felony, or breach of the peace or for a violation of any of the provisions of the election law on election day.

Because most sheriffs do not have the personnel needed to keep one deputy at each polling place on election day, the most commonly used procedure for preserving order is for the sheriff or a uniformed deputy to visit each polling place several times during the day. When the sheriff or a deputy is not present, the inspector is designated with the responsibility for the preservation of order. In addition, poll workers are instructed to telephone the sheriff immediately if difficulties arise.

Violations of the thirty-foot rule which is campaigning too close to voting place door is the most common complaint. Other election violations include: loitering, drunk and disorderly conduct, and electioneering.